Heraklion Airport Car Rental

Car Rentals in Heraklion Airport

There is no better way to explore the in and out of Crete island than by traveling in the comfort and privacy of cars. In order to be in full control of the pace and time of travel, the visitors rent a car in Heraklion International Airport. Herkalion Airport is the most important international airport of the Crete Island. Named after a famous native writer and philosopher of the island, Nikos Kazantzakis, the airport is second busiest after the Athens International Airport in mainland Greece. Mission Travel Services provides the services of car rentals in Heraklion airport, right from the spot where the tourists land to visit this beautiful island.


Heraklion Airport Car Rental

We provide round the clock car hire in Heraklion airport, all days of the year. Our representative will reach the airport before your arrival for giving you the self drive car of your choice. We carry a wide array of different types of cars including the manual cars, open top cars, jeeps and the minibuses. So, whether you are coming alone or with the family, we have the cars of all sizes to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable. For a small group of people, we provide rent a mini bus service at the airport. We also provide baby seats in the cars if you need these for the better safety and comfort of your little kid.

We take special care of our cars and always maintain them in good condition so that you get a pleasant drive all through your journey without any problem. Whether you hire the car for one day or for a longer duration of a week, our car hire Crete Airport HER service would be a problem-free experience. If, despite our best upkeep, there is a problem with the car, we provide a dedicated 24 hour on-road assistance to help you carry on with your happy journey leaving the problems to us. All the cars are insured for the various likely risks and the costs are inclusive of taxes.

Heraklion airport is situated strategically at the center of the northern coast of Crete island and provides good road-based connectivity to the major tourist destinations including the resorts, wonderful beaches and historical sites throughout the island. With close to five million tourists arriving at Heraklion Airport every year, the demand for the car rental services at the Crete Greece Heraklion Airport picks up during the peak season. Mission Travel Services does carry the price differential for its peak and off season Heraklion Airport Car Rental Specials. However, the difference between the rates is insignificant which makes it possible for tourists to have relatively cheap car hire deals Heraklion Airport during the peak season as well.

Tourists can use our rent a motorbike and rent a scooter service to have an adventurous, open-air experience of amazing coastal locations, hilly terrains and sightseeing through the city, stopping-and-moving at will. Crete provides ample scope for adventure sporting action. For the enthusiasts, we offer rent a quad or rent a Enduro off-road service.

You can make an advance booking of discount rent a car Heraklion airport after selecting from the featured cars on this website.